Balance & Relief for your Menopause, Easily & Naturally

Learn and be empowered to help you:

  • Use natural solutions to elevate your health and wellbeing during menopause
  • Easy ways to nourish your body and mind to help you balance your hormones
  • Find out what your body needs and should avoid, to stay strong, healthy, feel energised and balanced
This is a 6 week programme and exclusive community with live weekly support and coaching calls, to help you make easy, do-able changes, to help you feel more balanced, be happier and feel like an even better you. 

Here's what the programme includes: 

Week 1 Welcome, setting the scene and putting the ME in your menopause  

Learn the importance of mindset and easy, effective tools to help your emotional wellbeing. 
Going back to basics and helping you learn the foundations of hormone balance and wellbeing.

Week 2 Specialist nutrition advice and tips 

As you journey through the stages of menopause your nutritional needs change. 
What you eat and how you nourish your body is essential to a calm transition and vital to keep YOU healthy and happy; emotionally, physically and mentally. 
Nutrition is also one of the most important ways you can manage the symptoms of Menopause.

Week 3 - Easy ways to create a low-tox lifestyle

Synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals (plastics) and other harsh and toxic chemicals found in most personal care, makeup, cleaning and household products, and also environmental toxins, cause imbalances in your hormones and other health problems.  
Learn easy ways to make simple swaps to pure, authentic safer natural products.  
Make your home a healthy, safe place to be, feel more balanced and elevate your wellbeing.

Week 4 - Authentic essential oils to help support hormone balance

Learn how pure, authentic essential oils can safely and effectively support and help restore your hormone levels, your body and mind, and libido support, through peri-menopause, menopause and beyond.

Week 5 - Easy, fun ways to improve your physical wellbeing

Find out about fun, easy ways to help you get moving and be more active.  
We also have specialist Yoga, to help provide relief from menstrual and menopause symptoms. The practice also helps rejuvenate and rebalance the endocrine glands which govern hormone production, whilst correspondingly harmonising the nervous system, especially the adrenal glands which are often implicated within hormone dysregulation.

Week 6 - Maintaining and improving your wellbeing

When you feel more balanced, more like "you" again and have more energy, you can build on and keep going with the easy changes, simple swaps and healthy new habits you have created, that can make a big difference, short and long-term, to further enhance your wellbeing. 

Ongoing care and support

With Lifetime access to our wonderful international community, you can feel supported and be part of something amazing, creating positive changes and new possibilities for yourself and others.

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