Are you ready to create positive changes in your life, 
be more of your true self and live with
more ease and joy?

What could a truly holistic and nurturing approach to improving your emotional, physical and environmental well-being do for you?

You can receive support from different possibilities to be your true self and be empowered to speak your truth.
I offer effective treatments, pragmatic tools and resources that can help you and others too, with a special focus on:
- Emotional trauma, mental health, abuse, grief and PTSD     
- Natural support for vision and eye health
- Natural menopause and hormone balance
- Support for vaccine and covid vaccine injuries, and adverse reactions, including a special body process to support anybody who has or hasn't chosen to have the covid vaccinations.
If something has happened or is happening to you that you have spoken up about or would like to speak up about, I see you, I hear you and I can support you.
You can support your mind and body, and gently let go of emotional traumas – you don’t even need to speak about what has happened.
Contact me for a free introductory chat to discover what's possible for you or to book a treatment.  

Appointments also available in Bath at The Practice Rooms