Are you ready to create positive changes in your life and
live with more ease and joy?

What could a truly holistic and nurturing approach to improving your emotional, physical and environmental well-being do for you?
I offer effective treatments, modalities, pragmatic tools and resources that can support you and others too, with a special focus on:

- Emotional trauma, mental health, abuse, grief, PTSD 
- Gut and brain health
- Natural support for vision and eye health
- Natural menopause and hormone balance support

You can support your mind and body, and gently let go of emotional traumas – you don’t even need to speak about what has happened.

Some of the many benefits may include:

Optimise gut-brain axis function for improved mood, focus, clarity, immunity and enhanced stress resilience.
Better sleep
Less stress
Less muscle tension and discomfort
Better joint mobility and comfort
Enhanced circulation
Immune + lymphatic system support
Support for detoxing
Increased energy
Improved digestive and gut health
Support feelings of security, courage + grounding
Lift brain fog
Relief from mental fatigue

Contact me for a free introductory chat to discover what's possible for you or to book a treatment.  

Appointments available in and around Bath, UK

Distant healing and consultations also available for anyone, anywhere in the world.