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 Raindrop Technique 
 Rejuvenate the Mind & Balance the Body

Raindrop Technique combines unique, targeted massage with pure, authentic essential oils and 
methods that have been used for centuries to rejuvenate the body and mind, 
for a deeply relaxing, harmonising and rejuvenating experience.

Raindrop Technique provides a revolutionary way of aligning the body and mind.

About Raindrop Technique

During part of the Raindrop treatment, essential oils are dropped along the spine from a height of about six inches.  
This is where the technique gets its name. 

The purpose of Raindrop is to stimulate every organ, muscle and bone of the body at a cellular level through the oils, boosting the immune system,  bringing the body into balance, and possibly enabling the release of toxins or disease wherever they may be lodged, including those illnesses lodged in the mind and emotions.

Raindrop technique is a combination of various aspects of conventional massage, adaptions of Oriental acupressure, 
Native American healing techniques and aromatherapy, using pure, authentic essential oils.

Raindrop was developed as a result of research indicating that many forms of spinal misalignments 
are caused by muscle spasms and inflammation producing bacteria and viruses.

Once a body is properly aligned, it can function more efficiently and effectively. 

Raindrop has been performed on many thousands of people all over the world with wonderful results.

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