A little bit about me...
I'm Claire, mum of two amazing girls, wife, friend, scientist and transformative holistic practitioner.
I love all things natural, very dark chocolate and hammocks.

I can support you with different possibilities to feel better, be your true self and be empowered to speak your truth.
I know what it takes to speak the truth surrounded by people who don’t believe you. 
My personal experience happened when an optician didn't examine my eyes thoroughly and failed to diagnose a condition which led to sudden sight loss in one of my eyes a few weeks later.  
I had to have multiple emergency eye surgeries, have been left with latent issues and need more eye surgery in the future.
I made a complaint about the optician and to the General Optical Council (GOC).
My case went to a Regulatory hearing in London at the GOC because the optician’s account of events was very different to mine.
I wrote my side of the story in a witness statement and spoke my truth at the hearing but was not believed.  
The optician’s Barrister discredited me and attacked my credibility and honesty, then the Hearing Committee decided that I had made everything up because I was so traumatised.
I felt badly let down by the optical and regulatory professionals, and felt there was no one else I could turn to for support to resolve the injustice.
I had a lot of anxiety, panic attacks and after being given lot of general anaesthetics and drugs at each surgery, I had brain fog and felt toxic.
In the midst of the surgeries, and in the months and years since, I have researched, discovered and experienced truly amazing effective, natural solutions and treatments that have transformed my life and are helping thousands of people all over the world.
I have also made amazing new friends and it’s wonderful to be part of such a supportive international community of like-minded people.
I feel better now in my 40’s than I did when I was in my 20’s.
My brain fog has lifted and when I get my vision tested, I can read the bottom line of the chart with my right eye – something I couldn't do before.
I am so grateful for the vision I still have and how much I have learned to support my eye health, vision, brain and overall health, naturally. 
Memories of what has happened remain, but the emotional charge of them is gone and I feel free to move forwards with more joy in my life.
If something has happened or is happening to you that you have spoken up about or would like to speak up about, I see you, I hear you and I can help you.
You can support your mind and body, and gently let go of emotional traumas – you don’t even need to speak about what has happened.
Contact me for a free introductory chat to discover what's possible for you or to book a treatment.  

Claire Doig
Associate Member of the Guild of Holistic Therapists (MGHT)

Appointments available in and around Bath, UK.

Distant healing and consultations also available for anyone, anywhere in the world.